Cases from practics
Quitting Smoking

A 50 years old male patient,  smoked for 35 years, 20-30 cigarettes a day, heavy, bad breath, had yellow phlegm, which is worse in the morning, felt pressure on the chest. Since the symptoms were getting worse, startede to bother his sleep, work and his relationship, he decideed to quite.  After Chinese medicine diagnosis we provided the healing plan for acupuncture treatment everyday for the first 4 days, then, continueed with one week Chinese herb treatment. From the first day of treatment, he can drop down to 4 cigarettes a day, only when he drove,  drink more water instead, had smooth, good breath,  no pressure on the chest, no depression, anxiety or sleeplessness. On the contrary, he felt more energy, better moods, sleep is pretty good. With additional two weeks of treatmet (3 times acupuncture per week), he quited smoking without any side effect, no weight gain.

Fertility Help

A 40 year old female patient, who had never been pregnant, came in seeking acupuncture fertility treatment supporting her second IVF procedure. Since she already start the hormonal treatments, we decided to use acupuncture every other day until ovulation, plus moxibustion. After transfer phase, only acupuncture once a week for two weeks. Our treatment approach uses acupuncture and localized heat application on carefully selected points targeted to enhance uterine blood flow, enhance the parasympathetic system, correct imbalance in the autonomic nervous system, and recover quickly from the stress in order to avoid the harmful consequences of prolonged stress. She had much better result on each phase and no stress at all. She became pregnant during the second IVF cycle.

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